Intercultural education

Tools for Intercultural Education

The aim of the project was to put together various experiences and competences in order to achieve an exchange of good practices, to test the didactic materials and methodologies developed in different contexts and to produce new didactic materials. The main methodology was based upon the use of audio-visual support.

Intercultural education is more than a study discipline, it is a transversal approach which can be inserted in different educational levels and contexts: from the learning of foreign languages and other school subjects to anti-racist programmes for children and youth, in formal and non-formal environments, as well as in education for democratic citizenship or in activities of adult education and professional training for those who come in contact with people belonging to different cultures.

The direct beneficiaries of the project were teachers of various levels and grades, educators, teaching staff, trainers, etc.; the indirect beneficiaries were pupils, students, young people and adults.

The final product of this project was a DVD, a database and methodological instrument for teachers, social workers and experts. The DVD contains intercultural activities that can be used in different educational contexts: descriptive grids that contain written materials (questionnaires, grids), videos and visual images. The activities are also meant to be a starting point for the creation of new inputs, so that each teacher/trainer will be able to create his/her own activity planning in accordance with the target group and the objective pursued. The didactic materials are accompanied by the experimentation carried out by the partners with their specific target groups.

The content (or partial content) of the DVD can be accessed here:


Duration: 2006-2007


Grammelot Intercultural Association, Naples, Italy (coordinator)

Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, Romania

ALES, San Sebastian, Spain