Take Action!

The aim of the project was to organise a tour in 10 Timisoara high schools with the forum theatre performance “Do Not Touch Me!”, created in the framework of Isolat project, implemented in partnership with Théâtre de l’Opprimé of Paris,  opening a debate on violence and discrimination in school.

A demonstrative workshop was also organised in each high school, for students and teachers alike. Following the 10 performance and 10 workshops a group of students and teachers interested in forum theatre was brought together to develop a new forum theatre show, which was presented in November 2016 at Ambasada Cultural Centre.

Forum theatre is an interactive theatre method that invites the public to develop and express their own ideas to solve the conflicts presented in the play. The specificity of forum theatre is the fact that it eliminates “the fourth wall” which separates the audience from the stage, transforming thus the passive audience in an acting audience. From this perspective the role of the public is fundamental: they are invited to actively participate in the event, by transforming it with their own ideas and suggestions. Once, twice, ten times, the protagonists and the antagonists, the actors and the public search together for alternative solutions to the initial conflict.

This project was implemented by the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, in partnership with Timis County Teacher Training Institution, Plai Association (though Ambasada Cultural Centre) and co-financed by the Municipality of Timisoara and Timisoara Local Council.