Democratic citizenship and human rights education

Social Rights are Human Rights

This seminar organized by Youth Express Network and hosted by the Intercultural Institute brought together 32 social youth workers from 13 countries acting at local levels across Europe. The aim of the project was to facilitate the exchange of experience regarding social and human rights.

The main themes of the seminar were social exclusion and equal opportunities. The seminar explored the concept of “all different-all equal” within the new European Year campaign, the situation of youth social rights in different European countries and what could be done to build a European Union that would promote and defend human rights. In this seminar social inclusion was seen not as a social problem, but as a fundamental right.

Innovative methodologies such as Forum Theatre were used to provide participants with a tool they could use to empower young people in their countries, to promote active citizenship, to learn about each other’s realities and to experience intercultural dialogue.

The seminar took place in Timisoara from 16 to 24 June 2006 and included private learning and discussion sessions as well as public events.

A video of the project can be accessed here: