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Romanimation was a mobile European project held in several locations in Romania, chronologically as follows: Timisoara – Dudestii Noi – Baile Calacea – Satchinez – Timisoara. For three weeks (4-24 August 2004), an international group of 26 participants from six European countries moved between the locations to implement the project.

The aim of the project was to create dynamic communities that self-organise with regard to youth work and animation, in order to deconstruct stereotypes and improve relationships between Roma and Romanians. Thus, a group of young people, including experienced youth workers specialized in community animation joined a local group of Romanian and Roma students and spent one week in each of the two Roma communities, organizing various activities, mainly targeting the young people, but also the adults and the children in these communities.

The main activities were:

Timisoara, 4-7 August 2004 – an introduction seminar with presentations of the project’s programme and process, participants’ expectations and market of competencies, team building, inputs on Roma and Romanian realities.

Dudestii Noi, 7-12 August 2004 – socio-cultural animation phase in the village, with workshops mainly hosted by the local school (animation in the courtyard as well as street animation), targeting over one hundred Roma and Romanian young people.

Baile Calacea, 12-15 August 2004 – international seminar on evaluating the animation phase held in Dudestii Noi, working transition between the villages and making the strategy for the next animation phase in Satchinez.

Satchinez, 15-20 August 2004 – socio-cultural animation phase in the village, with workshops hosted by the local Cultural Centre (with animation in front of the Centre and workshops in the Roma neighbourhood), targeting over one hundred Roma and Romanian young people.

Timisoara, 20-24 August 2004 – closing seminar, diverse evaluations, planning future projects, and follow-up.

As a consequence of the project Roma communities and local authorities in Dudestii Noi set up the Children’s Park, while those in Satchinez established a football championship and a Roma Football Field, as well as two non-governmental organisations – a Youth Association and a Roma Association, named “Ciociodrom”).

The project brought multiple benefits: it had a significant impact on the young participants, both from Romania and from abroad, that were offered a direct experience of the difficulties that rural Roma communities are confronted with, it stimulated civic participation of the young Roma in the two communities, where two local NGOs have been created, it led to the implementation through local participation of small community development projects, such as the setting-up of a play ground for children and of a football field where a few weeks after a first local championship was organized (involving local teams of Roma and non-Roma young people from the region and a team of Timisoara Youth Local Council).


Oelala, Belgium

Arciragazzi, Italy

Anime et Tisse, France,

Ratatouille, France,

Other House, Iceland,

Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, Romania,

Youth Express Network

European Network of Animation

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