Online exchange

“Dealing with popular myths. Youth work against disinformation and distortion of historical facts”

Are you a young person aged 19 to 25?

Would you like to know more about what are myths and historical distortions? How do they influence our society and our ways of thinking about “the other”? Are they the same in different European countries?

Are you interested in contemporary history and comparing it with the nowadays issues?

Are you a creative person and passionate about art, illustration and other forms of creative expression?

If your answers are positive, you are the perfect candidate for this online exchange!

What is the exchange about? The exchange will focus on myths from the past, covering the topics of antisemitism and Holocaust denial, anti-Gypsysm and Roma discrimination, anti-Muslim propaganda and xenophobia. Also, you are going to consider nowadays myths regarding anti-migrant and anti-refugees propaganda and discuss how European societies are using similar patterns to create new “enemies and scapegoats”. The exchange aims to map myths and distortions of historical facts among youth and deconstruct them through the tools of historic-civic education. At the end of the exchange, the participants / you will create your own artistic materials (comics, photos, collages …), which will then be edited and become part of educational videos. Together with other young people from Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Spain, you will have the chance to learn, discuss these topics and debate together. You will also have the opportunity to express your creativity and imagination in the creative workshops and prepare the materials for the videos. You will meet your peers from other countries and chat and interact with them. The exchange will include a guided virtual visit to the site of the Sajmište concentration camp (near Belgrade, Serbia).

Who can apply? Residents or nationals of Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Spain in the age between 19 and 25, who have good command of English language.

When and where does it take place? From the 2nd to the 6th March 2021, with daily online sessions of maximum 3 hours/day.

How to apply? Fill in this Application form until 20th February 2021:

The applicants are going to be informed about the outcome of the selection process until the 25th February.

A similar event but for high school students will take place in the beginning of April 2021.

The project is co financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. You can read more details about the project here.