NICER – A new approach to the integration of refugees at local level

The aim of the project is to elaborate a new approach to the integration of refugees at the local level and to foster a greater respect towards refugees, starting from young individuals and through their cultural and local integration, without forgetting the awareness -raising among the local population.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Identify, develop, test and evaluate an innovative approach towards integration including an active interaction between refugees and the local population in the host communities: build together a common project at the urban district level;
  • Encourage a stronger active participation of young refugees in the cultural life of the host community. Tighten contacts between refugees and non-refugees.
  • Develop the young refugees’ capacity to communicate with the local community and become part of it. Facilitate the study of the refugee issue through a cultural dialogue at the local level as well as inter-cultural workshops regrouping refugees and non refugees;
  • Change mentalities and the opinion of civil society towards refugees, in particular among young people, by using new instruments of awareness-raising;
  • Stimulate a greater awareness in the medias and schools and inside the local community as regards refugees;
  • Identify and promote good practices insisting on the local integration of refugees in Europe.

Read more about the project at: http://nicerproject.eu/en/