Local Youth Council of Timisoara

The Local Youth Council Timisoara was a structure coordinated by the Intercultural Institute Timisoara and supported by the City Hall Timisoara and the Students’ Culture House Timisoara, in the framework of the PAL‐TIN national project, promoted by Master Forum Association.

Local Youth Council is a structure representing young people, elected through democratic vote by the Timisoara high school students. It is made up of 35 councilors, representing the high schools of the city and 20 volunteers. During a two-year mandate, the councilors implement activities for youth, organise meetings, vote on the proposed activities and official documents of the Council.

The Local Youth Council Timisoara aims to identify the needs of the young people aged between 15 and 19 and to develop projects at local level to respond to their interest; to promote students’ participation in community; to improve the dialogue with the local authorities, by being a bridge between them and the youth.

This structure has existed in Timisoara since 2003 and it follows the model of the Local Council Timisoara, having an executive office made up of a mayor, two vice‐mayors and a secretary, as well as five specialty commissions.

The Local Youth Council of Timisoara, mandate 2013‐2015, carried out its activities under the coordination of the ALTFEL Initiative Group.


 The City Hall Timisoara

 The Timis County School Inspectorate

 The “Altfel” Initiative Group

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