ISOLAT – breaking frontiers!

This Erasmus + project was coordinated by the Centre du Theatre de l’Opprime Augusto Boal in Paris and aimed to develop forum theatre as a non‐formal learning method and a social intervention method. By promoting and developing this method, the project supported values such as equality, social cohesion and active citizenship, as it contributed to the development of competences in the educational and socio‐educational field with a view to gaining and strengthening these values.

The project was implemented by a partnership of organizations from France, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Palestine and was implemented between February 2015 and May 2016.

At the end of April and beginning of May 2015, the project team members took part in a training course focused on the implementation of the forum theatre method, organized in Madeira. This initiation training was followed by another session that took place in Genova, Italy, meant to develop and strengthen the knowledge and skills related to forum theatre. The two training courses were provided by the project coordinator, Centre du Theatre de l’Opprime Augusto Boal Paris, with 20-year experience in promoting and developing this method.

After taking part in the training, each partner worked with young people to develop a forum theatre play on a topic of interest for the young participants. IIT worked with 5 high‐school students and on the 25th of October two plays were presented on the stage of the Hungarian Theatre in Timisoara. The topics chosen were violence in schools and discrimination. The young participants were very enthusiastic about their involvement in the development of the plays, which were very well‐received by the audience present at the performance. That is why IIT submitted  to the city hall of Timisoara a follow-up project to promote these performances in several schools in Timisoara and to make this learning and intervention method known. This resulted in the “Take Action” project.