Diversity and media

Intercultural Calendar

A pioneer in Romania and worldwide, the Intercultural Calendar presents the most relevant dates for the different cultural groups living in Romania. Besides the main events for the Romanian majority, the calendar marks the important dates for the 20 minorities officially recognized in Romania.

Moreover, recently, important dates for the migrants in Romania were added as a consequence of a series of projects implemented to facilitate the integration of migrants: www.migrant.ro and www.vorbitiromaneste.ro.

The 20 ethnic groups officially recognized by the Romanian government are: Albanians, Armenians, Bulgarians, Czech, Croatians, Germans, Greeks, Hungarians, Jews, Italians, Lipovans, Macedonians, Poles, Roma, Ruthenians, Serbians, Slovaks, Tartars, Turks and Ukrainians.

The Intercultural Calendar reflects the richness of religious, ethnic and linguistic diversity that exists in Romania and therefore highlights both religious holidays and laic events.

All the events marked in the calendar are accompanied by a short description and an image. The website is updated every year and it’s coordinators are open to suggestions for continuous development.

Access the Intercultural Calendar at: www.calendarintercultural.ro