Intercultural education

European Human Bridges

European Human Bridges project aimed to promote integration through various methods of exploring issues of social exclusion and intercultural learning. It was an integrated long-term project networking European disabled and non-disabled young people developed in the European Youth Campaign “all different – all equal” by a group of individuals and organisations, with yearly events.

The focus of European Human Bridges (EHB) project was anti-discrimination: it provided the opportunity for young people to explore issues of prejudice and intolerance and to campaign for change.

In the perspective of the European Year of People with Disabilities, EHB project prepared to celebrate it by:

  • holding two international conferences – one disability & arts with a particular focus on education and one on disability & culture with a particular focus on media;
  • developing educational tools – a manual / methodological guide on integrated education with young people and a mobile exhibition in Europe;
  • training young people to facilitate inclusive projects;
  • organising the project as a structured network for youth integrated education.

Project duration: 2001-2003


EHB Network has ten member organisations, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and the UK. Some of these are active in the field of disability, and others are not. Some have an ethnic minority focus, and others do not. In total, some 50 participants have attended the two seminars. Activities during the seminars were planned to achieve intercultural, experiential learning. They included exhibitions, international evenings, activities accessible to all, workshops, lectures, visits and an evaluation session.

The network of European Human Bridges was given as an example of good practice on the official website of the European Commission, Directorate General XXII.

A video of this project is available here: