Culture and cross-border cooperation

Cultural bridges for the sustainable development of micro‐region Ținutul Pădurenilor – Țara Hațegului

The project, implemented between 2015 and 2017 by the Centre for Rural Assistance Foundation, in collaboration with Kaos Pilots Switzerland and the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, aimed at offering an open framework for dialogue and facilitation, contributing thus to increasing the capacity of the local communities in this micro‐region to promote and exploit the natural and cultural heritage resources as vital factors for a sustainable economic, social, ecologic and cultural development.

The integrated and participative approach of the project was based on:

  • the transfer of know‐how and good practice, exchange of experience and training, from the Swiss partner towards the Romanian partners and stakeholders who want to get involved in the community facilitation process for sustainable development;
  • mapping the natural, cultural and connected resources and promoting them at national and international level through an initial activity of information collection and analysis, a vast online platform – interactive website, a mobile phone application and touristic map, as well as through events to promote the cultural identity of the micro‐region;
  • the creation of an association for the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage assets, extremely rich and diverse in this area, ensuring thus the commitment and participation of all stakeholders interested in the sustainable development of the micro‐region;
  • the elaboration, through involvement, consultation and dialogue, of a Strategy on culture and cultural tourism and a marketing and branding Plan that should contribute in a harmonious and sustained way to the development and promotion of a diversified touristic offer positioning this micro‐region in the top of the touristic destinations in Romania.

By the end of this project, the micro‐region had a better national and international visibility, a more cohesive and active community, making sure that the future generations have a chance to a better life in their home town/city/village.