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On 13 April 2005 the European Parliament voted in favour of accepting Romania as a member of the European Union. Prior to this date, IIT had developed, in partnership with Gheorghe Serban Intercultural Centre and the Timis County Prefecture, a civic action to persuade the Members of the European Parliament to cast a favourable vote for Romania. The campaign lasted 10 days and was developed online through a dedicated website.

Messages and images from thousands of users were addressed to MEPs. Every day, the message that received most votes by the website users was sent by e-mail to each MEP. The responses received from the MEPs proved the success of the effort of the Romanian civil society to actively participate in the European integration process.

The campaign was promoted through traditional media as well, 26 media channels from Romania and Hungary reported on the development of the campaign. However, the campaign went beyond media and online activities and it organised off-line events and informal meetings. The website remained active for a while after the campaign to gather comments and reactions.