Intercultural Education and Democratic Citizenship in Schools

This major principle at the basis of our activities – approaching intercultural and civic education together – also catered for a series of activities implemented since the spring of 2002 in partnership with the British Council Romania. These activities aimed at integrating education for democratic citizenship and intercultural education as transversal elements of school life, changing not only the content and the methods of teaching and of the out-of-school activities, but also the general organizational culture of schools, including the way students are involved in the decision-making process.

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European Human Bridges

European Human Bridges project aimed to promote integration through various methods of exploring issues of social exclusion and intercultural learning. It was an integrated long-term project networking European disabled and non-disabled young people developed in the European Youth Campaign “all different – all equal” by a group of individuals and organisations, with yearly events.

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EURROM – Integration of Roma Culture in Education, in Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

The EURROM project aimed at integrating Roma culture in the educational process in schools and it was developed in a partnership between organizations from 4 countries: Romania, France, Spain and Slovakia.

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