The Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture

The Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture was elaborated by the Council of Europe. The Intercultural Institute Timisoara coordinated the piloting of the descriptors of competence and actively participated in the elaboration of the Reference Framework.

The three volumes in English can be downloaded from here:

Details about the Reference Framework are available here:

Measures for Roma inclusion in the labour market: from organized hypocrisy to real effectiveness

Study on Roma inclusion in the labour market. The document was realised by the Intercultural Instititute Timisoara in 2014 in the framework of the project IPIS – Together for a safe start.

Vademecum on Intercultural Education

Guidelines with key concepts relevant for intercultural education and a discussion on what intercultural education is and is not. This document was produced by the Intercultural Institute Timisoara in the framework of project NICeR – A new approach to the integration of refugees at local level.

Online training platform

The Intercultural Institute Timisoara periodically offers online training courses for various groups on various themes from the organization’s fields of expertise. You can check what training courses are available or about to start, here:

T-kit 4 Intercultural Learning

The newest T-kit for intercultural learning elaborated by the Council of Europe, edition of 2018, is available in English here.

It is also available in Romanian here.

A valuable tool for people who work with young people on the topic of interculturality.

Human Rights Start with Breakfast: Educational Tools for Working with Young People Globally

Human rights education manual, in English:

How to Start Human Rights with Breakfast? Educational tools for working with young people globally on Human Rights.

Includes a collection of educational activities and methods.

On the Human Rights Start with Breakfast platform you can find the activities as separate sheets, as well as other valuable resources on the topic of human rights education.

These resources were realised in the framework of the project Human Rights Start with Breakfast, in which the Intercultural Institute Timisoara was partner.


This Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People eis realised by the Council of Europe and is available online in several languages, including English and French. It can be browsed based on themes, activityes or chapters. It contains educational activities as well as theoretical considerations on human rights education with young people.