MOB G.A.E. – Mobility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability

The main aim of the project was to evaluate and disseminate the impact of international mobility experiences within EU programmes on personal and professional development, employability, autonomy and awareness of European citizenship.


Take Action!

The aim of the project was to organise a tour in 10 Timisoara high schools with the forum theatre performance “Do Not Touch Me!”, created in the framework of Isolat project, implemented in partnership with Théâtre de l’Opprimé of Paris,  opening a debate on violence and discrimination in school.


Local Youth Council of Timisoara

The Local Youth Council Timisoara was a structure coordinated by the Intercultural Institute Timisoara and supported by the City Hall Timisoara and the Students’ Culture House Timisoara, in the framework of the PAL‐TIN national project, promoted by Master Forum Association.


Entrepreneurship Skills for Youth / Youth for Social Entrepreneurship / ESY/YSE

The project was implemented by the Intercultural Institute Timisoara together with organizations from Cyprus, Hungary, Mexico and Slovakia (coordinated by Eurotender Association in Szeged) aiming to collect, exchange and share good practices and policy initiatives regarding youth entrepreneurship in the participating countries.

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Non-formal education and e-learning for inclusion (NEELI)

The project was based on previous co-operations and joint planning with the partners through which we identified the problems and needs. Firstly, the participation of youth with migrant background and the difficulty of their motivation and involvement. Secondly, youth workers are often not prepared for working with migrant background youth. Thirdly, it is needed to improve the quality of youth work and the methods based on the active participation of youth, which – in the case of youth with migrant background especially – includes the interculturalization and the innovative approaches of intercultural leaning.

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YES to Intercultural Dialogue

This project was an international training course organized by Youth Express Network in partnership with Intercultural Institute of Timisoara and Parudimos Association. The main aim of the training was to bring together people with different cultural backgrounds and to experience, together with the local Roma community to address the complexity of intercultural dialogue through experiential learning.


RURBAN – Interculturality in the rural and in the urban areas, in Romania and Hungary

The aim of the project was to develop youth cooperation in the cross-border area between Romania and Hungary, through joint activities of the young people in the region, which were meant to stimulate their interest for active engagement both in aggregating their own interests, as well as for active involvement in community life in general.

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Social Rights are Human Rights

This seminar organized by Youth Express Network and hosted by the Intercultural Institute brought together 32 social youth workers from 13 countries acting at local levels across Europe. The aim of the project was to facilitate the exchange of experience regarding social and human rights.

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Mosaic of Banat Youth

This project gathered 50 young people of 10 different ethnic groups from Banat region, who travelled in the period of 26 August – 5 September 2005 through the following countries: Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. The aim of the project was to support young people in discovering the cultural heritage of the minorities in Banat and reflecting on the co-habitation of different ethnic groups in the region.

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European Human Bridges

European Human Bridges project aimed to promote integration through various methods of exploring issues of social exclusion and intercultural learning. It was an integrated long-term project networking European disabled and non-disabled young people developed in the European Youth Campaign “all different – all equal” by a group of individuals and organisations, with yearly events.

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