Be:In – Inclusive participation: best practice sharing and networking

The project Be:In started in the autumn of 2016 and had a duration of two years. It aimed at exchanging good practices and creating a network between municipalities and non-profit organisations on the topic of inclusive participation, defined as the participation of people with fewer opportunities.

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Romanimation was a mobile European project held in several locations in Romania, chronologically as follows: Timisoara – Dudestii Noi – Baile Calacea – Satchinez – Timisoara. For three weeks (4-24 August 2004), an international group of 26 participants from six European countries moved between the locations to implement the project.

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EURROM – Integration of Roma Culture in Education, in Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

The EURROM project aimed at integrating Roma culture in the educational process in schools and it was developed in a partnership between organizations from 4 countries: Romania, France, Spain and Slovakia.

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