Culture and cross-border cooperation

Poles of Cultures – Cultural Policy as a Tool for Community and Regional Development

The general aim of the project was to improve social and cultural cohesion in Romania‐Serbia cross border area by promoting cooperation regarding the formulation and evaluation of cultural public policies based on active participation for regional development.


Vote Culture 2012

The aim of this project was to discuss the culture priorities in the context of Parliamentary elections of December 2012 by launching a real debate on topics of interest for private, non-profit and public sector.


Financing culture in a new financial perspective: 2014-2020

The aim of this project was to identify the development and financing needs of cultural operators such as artists, NGOs, public institutions, initiative groups and private companies. A research based on questionnaires and public debates gathered information about the financial needs of these entities with regard to cultural activities. The project facilitated the dialogue between NGOs active in the field of culture and policy makers and financers.


Living Heritage – an unlimited resource for tourism development

The project was implemented between November 2013 and April 2015 and had the following objectives:

  • To increase the knowledge degree regarding the immaterial cultural heritage and natural heritage in the cross‐border area;
  • To raise the awareness among the population in the cross‐border area regarding the opportunities of preservation and exploitation of the cultural and natural heritage through tourism;
  • To increase the quality and quantity of touristic attractions in the region, in order to create community development.

Cultural bridges for the sustainable development of micro‐region Ținutul Pădurenilor – Țara Hațegului

The project, implemented between 2015 and 2017 by the Centre for Rural Assistance Foundation, in collaboration with Kaos Pilots Switzerland and the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, aimed at offering an open framework for dialogue and facilitation, contributing thus to increasing the capacity of the local communities in this micro‐region to promote and exploit the natural and cultural heritage resources as vital factors for a sustainable economic, social, ecologic and cultural development.


3S RECIPE: Smart Shrinkage Solutions – Fostering Resilient Cities in Inner Peripheries of Europe

This project, funded through the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF) call, aimed to offer the best practice and most feasible solutions to the problem of urban shrinkage – a continuous population decline affecting more than 1,500 cities all over Europe.

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RURBAN – Interculturality in the rural and in the urban areas, in Romania and Hungary

The aim of the project was to develop youth cooperation in the cross-border area between Romania and Hungary, through joint activities of the young people in the region, which were meant to stimulate their interest for active engagement both in aggregating their own interests, as well as for active involvement in community life in general.

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Developing cultural tourism in Banat – A cross-border challenge

The aim of this project was to contribute to the touristic capitalisation of material and immaterial cultural heritage in Banat. Cultural tourism is an essential aspect both for preserving and protecting the heritage and for socio-economic and cultural development of the region.