General Presentation

IIT was established in 1992, with the support of local authorities and the Council of Europe. IIT collaborates with a wide network of partners from around the world, from NGOs and Universities to public institutions and experts from its areas of interest, including the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

The Intercultural Institute of Timisoara is developing projects for a wide rage of beneficiaries in Romania and abroad:

  • Intercultural education, civic education and human rights education programs for teachers and youth;
  • Media monitoring and stereotype deconstruction programs for journalists;
  • Intercultural communication trainings with public authorities and migrants;
  • Civil society development actions at local, national and international level;
  • Programs for minorities (especially focused on Roma);
  • Development of mechanisms for the integration of migrants;
  • Research on cultural and educational policies, Roma inclusion, minorities and intercultural competence.